Tax Exempt Status

Posted by Grand Blanc Gladiators on Jun 03 2013 at 01:16PM PDT in Spring/Summer, 2013

Parents, Guardians and Friends of Gladiators:

Recently, MC Sports has contacted the board regarding the tax exempt status of the Grand Blanc Gladiators Travel Baseball, Inc. They have indicated that several parents/individuals have tried to claim tax exempt status on purchases made for individual players.

To paraphrase IRS code, no use of the tax exempt status may benefit an individual from the organization such as the purchase of a bat, bag, or training aid.

The board requests that only coaches, board members, or individuals specifically designated by the board utilize the tax exempt status.

For further info, please consult this link:

We all understand this is a learning process and appreciate your support as our organization grows. Please feel free to contact a board member if you have any questions.


The GBGTB, Inc. Board